Join Us

Come join us this year for the annual Summer Trifecta as The Queens Gathering takes us to Wakanda!  Many of us experienced the magic that is Black Panther as we were overwhelmed by positive, powerful images of ourselves in the amazing characters we watched on screen. For the first time we could not only imagine what life would be like without colonization, but we were able to see it live and in living color or 3D for those of us who wanted the full experience!! Yasss!  

In the spirit of keeping this brilliant empowerment going we are going back to Wakanda! This year our Gathering will have a philanthropic twist…just as our hero King T’Challa left off in the movie preparing to help the community, I am asking that we join forces and do the same. A portion of the proceeds from this years Queens Gathering will benefit the Girls Talk Foundation.  This foundation is celebrating 15 years of empowering young girls ages 11-16 through character building programs. We can take pride in knowing that by us coming together to Share, Support, and Slay we are playing a part in the Girls Talk Foundation continuing to teach today’s girls to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Upon arrival you need only present your name for entry and to receive your special gift. 

The Royal Menu
  • Wakandan Patties
    Made with chick pea and sweet potato
  • Wakod Fish Cakes
  • Jabarian Jerk Chicken
  • Hatut Hash
  • Ramonda Rice and many other Wakandan delicacies that are seasoned with African inspired herbs, spices, and aromatics that will take you to Wakanda in one bite!

Queenly Grams