Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Ross, Founder

Cheryl is a woman who believes in the power of shaping one’s own destiny. She has a special place in her heart for women and strongly believes that the world is only as strong as the women who live empowered in it. Cheryl has a desire to connect like minded women who want more out of life and are not afraid or opposed to helping each other get it.

Cheryl wants to destroy the stereotypes that women are in competition with each other and don’t have each others best interest at heart. How does she propose to do that? Cheryl believes that by gathering to Share knowledge, Support each other’s goals and visions, and Slay for a great cause, women can make AMAZING things happen TOGETHER.

What is The Queen’s Gathering?

The Queens Gathering is a positive group of like minded women who come together to Share, Support, and Slay.  We will Share our goals with one another while exchanging knowledge and information that helps us achieve those goals.  We Support fellow Queens in their endeavors whether it be with an encouraging word, a smile, or helping to connect the dots that propel each other forward in life.

We will Slay because who doesn’t love a good SLAAAY! Yassss Queen moment when you walk into a room? When Queens come together to Share, Support, and Slay AMAZING things happen.  Let’s level up together…will you join me? Are you ready for what’s next for The Queens Gathering?!

Queenly Grams