Dear Queens

The Upscale Event for Queens

the queens gathering


Dearest Queens,

Serendipity means an unplanned, fortuitous discovery. It is defined as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way and in so many ways that is what The Queens Gathering has been for me. I stumbled upon it by accident really or so it seemed, even though now looking back I feel like it’s always been a part of me.

I have always had the honor of being surrounded by amazing women in my life. The women that set the bar, they may not be famous or well known but they were always moving and shaking. From being an amazing stay at home mom to being a career driven corporate ladder climber all the way to those who have the entrepreneurs spirit, I have seen many friends become success stories. Their gifts were clear and easily seen but when they would ask me what I wanted to do or what my passion was I didn’t have a clear cut answer.

I worked as a dental hygienist for almost 20 years and although I enjoyed my job I couldn’t truly say it was my passion. When my friends would ask me what I liked to do my answer was clear…I like connecting people. I enjoy filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle for people whether it be by connecting them to a resource or giving them an encouraging word to keep going. I love motivating women toward their passion, but I still didn’t fully understand how I could do it.

Fast forward to my 41st birthday, after being unable to really bring in my 40th birthday the way I always imagined I decided to take destiny into my own hands for my 41st. I thought, I just want to surround myself with beautiful women, food, good conversation and laughter. I gathered some friends and asked them to join me for a chic fashionable brunch in their sexy Sunday best. In the spirit of being extra I asked everyone to wear a color coordinating palate and enlisted a photographer to capture the moments so I could always go back and enjoy this birthday extravaganza…yassss honey! What I didn’t count on was what happened when these beautiful ladies came out to join me.

Not only did they look amazing for brunch, but things were happening at the table. As we all introduced ourselves to each other and told a little bit about ourselves connections were being made. A friend that was a college student was able to connect with a friend that was already established in corporate America for a job referral. Another friend that had recently went Greek was able to connect with a different friend who happened to be in the same organization.

As we begin to share what we were trying to do with our lives and where we saw ourselves in 5 years there was someone at the table who could help point someone else in the right direction. That’s when it hit me BOOM serendipity slapped me in the face…this is it!! There are more women that need this, this needs to happen regularly women need to be able to Share their dreams and goals with each other.

We need to have a Support system that encourages us to level up and pursue our goals, and who doesn’t love a good Slay yassssss bish moment when they enter a room? Just like that a brunch turned into a gathering and a gathering is turning into a movement, because when women come together to share, support and slay amazing things happen. My prayer for us going forward is for us to have more serendipity than we can handle and many more gatherings to come! Come join me….are you ready for the next Queens Gathering?


Cheryl Ross, Owner + Creator

Queenly Grams